Why Snowbirds and Travel Nurses Are Flocking to Florida

Recruiters can help RNs obtain or renew Florida nursing licenses

By Melissa Wirkus Hagstrom, contributor

It’s that time of year again. Bitter cold temperatures, snow storms and the occasional blizzard are afflicting the majority of the country right now--with the exception of a few lucky locales, including Florida. Many people head to The Sunshine State to escape the unrelenting wintry weather; in turn, Why Snowbirds and Travel Nurses Are Flocking to Floridathe influx of “snowbirds” is creating a variety of opportunities for travel nursing jobs in Florida.

According to the State of Florida, approximately 1,000 people move there each day, and the average winter temperature is 68.5 (F) degrees in South Florida. These appealing statistics demonstrate why now is an excellent time for nurses to renew Florida nursing licenses or look into obtaining a license for the first time.

Kelley King, recruiter for NursesRx, an AMN Healthcare company, gave some insight into the Florida RN licensing process. She explained that the application can be started online, and an RN can be endorsed from their current state where he or she has been a practicing.

“Fingerprinting is required and all RNs are subject to a criminal background check,” she said. “If the RN has any prior convictions, that could hold up the processing time. An average permanent Florida nursing license takes 4–5 weeks. The state does not offer a temporary license.”

Recruiters can’t file to obtain or renew Florida nursing licenses on a nurse’s behalf, but they can answer questions and work with Florida employers to make sure licensing issues do not hinder an applicant’s chances for a job. The renewal process is fairly straightforward: a nurse just has to file for renewal online and pay the renewal fee.

When an RN applies with NursesRx, he or she will gain access to a full team of support professionals, including a recruiter, quality assurance licensing specialist, clinical liaison, customer service team and others who will help guide them through the process of launching a career as a travel nurse.

Although Kelley said that there are a variety of travel nursing jobs in Florida because many people want to go south for winter, she said that a wealth of opportunities exist in other locations, as well.

“Our healthcare demands are high throughout the nation,” she explained. “I highly recommend Florida as a destination for the winter, but I also advise having a backup location just in case.”

Florida is home to many major and Recruiters can help RNs obtain or renew Florida nursing licensesnoteworthy healthcare systems, and NursesRx has travel nursing assignments in locations all over the state. The areas that include larger cities, like Miami and Orlando, have a higher amount of jobs available, but there are also opportunities in smaller cities that accommodate the rush of seasonal residents.

“We have some great assignments in St. Petersburg, Port Charlotte, Fort Pierce, Bradenton and Atlantis to name a few.”

In terms of specialties that are most in demand for Florida travel nurse assignments, King said that they always need ICU, PCU, PICU, NICU, OR and telemetry RNs.

Although the wintertime is particularly alluring, Florida has much to offer to incoming travel nurses year-round. In addition to the balmy climate, the state offers gorgeous beaches, a low cost of living, and recreational activities galore. RNs who take travel nursing jobs in Florida can choose from thousands of golf courses, big-name amusement parks and plenty of open, outdoor spaces dedicated to walking, biking, jogging and just enjoying the famous Florida sunshine.

Don’t just take our word for it, ask your recruiter! King says she recommends Florida because of its beautiful climate and the facilities have travel-friendly staff.

Contact NursesRx today to find out more about our travel nursing jobs in Florida, to learn how to renew Florida nursing licenses or apply for a new state license, or to discuss other jobs and locations of interest.

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