NursesRx Highlights Travel Opportunities for Cath Lab Nurses

Cath lab RN shares his travel story

By Megan Murdock Krischke, contributor

Do you have the experience to take on a cardiac cath lab nurse job in a new location? If so, this might be your lucky year. Cath lab nurses are in demand, providing opportunities for travel nurses at facilities across the nation.

“If you are looking to explore travel nursing, the timing is perfect. The market for travelers across the board is strong and right now we have numerous cath lab openings, and in nearly every state,” reported Melanie Douglas-Major, recruitment manager for NursesRx, an AMN Healthcare company.

The facilities seeking cath lab nurses range from small hospitals in rural communities to large teaching hospitals in major cities, offering a wide variety of opportunities for nurses to expand their skills. In addition, cath lab RNs who work with NursesRx can enjoy competitive pay, company-paid housing, daily allowances for meals and incidentals, day-one benefits and free continuing education.

“Everyone travels for different reasons,” Douglas continued. “Some travel to see the country or to add some amazing facilities to their résumé… [And] with the ratio of open positions to available nurses, travelers have the ability to negotiate in this market.”

Cardiac cath lab nurse takes to the road

John Potter, RN

“I love the cardiac cath lab for multiple reasons,” effused John Potter, RN, who travels with NursesRx. “I feel like I really make a difference. I get the opportunity to help people who have heart attacks, whether they are moms and dads or grandmas and grandpas. I also like the autonomy--it fits with my personality.”

After working in a pediatric cath lab at Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH) in Little Rock, Ark., Potter moved with his daughter to Los Angeles. He then transitioned to working in an adult cath lab. “Turns out, there is even more adrenaline in the adult cath lab than the pediatric world,” he reflected.

At each assignment facility, Potter has discovered that the equipment and procedures are more or less the same, which helps him get up to speed quickly. He also believes that his travel experience shows future employers that he is adaptable and can adjust quickly.

“I’ve been asked to extend my contract at every assignment and I believe that speaks to my work ethic and positive attitude,” he added. “But I didn’t start traveling so I could stay in one place; I want to see the country.”

When Potter starts a new assignment, he prefers to arrange his own housing, and, while not required to share housing, Potter said he likes having a roommate.

“I like having someone to talk to,” he explained. “And they are from the area so they can tell me about unique points of interest to visit. We become friends and they introduce me to people.”

Potter is currently working in Durango, Colo., a small, picturesque town in the southwest corner of the state. During his off-hours in Durango, Potter rides his mountain bike, hikes the local peaks and hits the ski slopes. He plans to kayak down the river that runs through town later this spring.

Traveling as a cath lab nurse has led to some incredible wildlife experiences, he reported. While on assignment in Santa Maria, Calif., for instance, he was driving along the Big Sur coast when he saw some people pulled over and looking down toward the water. He stopped and saw that approximately 1,000 feet down the sheer cliffs was a pod of whales encircling a school of fish.

“It was the kind of thing you usually only get to see on ‘National Geographic,’ but here I was, watching these whales create a wall of bubbles in the ocean and every few minutes two or three of them would breach with a mouth full of fish. That is why I travel!”

Potter loves his work as a travel RN in the cath lab and plans for future assignments in California or Florida. He should have plenty of opportunities, say Nurses Rx recruiters, because of the continuing demand for cath lab nurses.


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