All In the Family: Mother and Daughter Nurse Teams


Happy Mother's Day from NursesRx

By Nanette Wiser, contributor

With Mother’s Day this week, we thought we’d look at multi-generational nursing families, what they learn from each other and the inspiring successes that make them great nurses.

All In the Family
The legacy of nursing has a hundred different faces. Sometimes it’s a mom who inspires her children to continue on the good work of nursing. For others, it’s a new nurse in the family who inspires siblings and cousins to go to nursing school. Sometimes, it’s the son or daughter who inspires the mom to enroll in nursing school for her “encore” chapter, the career she never had because she raised three kids.

Nurses share personal bonds and so do mothers and their children, so imagine being able to swap nursing stories (the good, the gross and the ugly) over the dinner table without anyone running away in horror.

Here are some of the stories* we heard from our nursing friends about what inspired them to become a nurse:

•    “Even as a little girl, I was putting bandages on my dolls and checking my teddy bear’s heart with a stethoscope,” says RN Carole. Sound familiar?

•    Sue became a nurse because she loved how her Nana helped everyone in her small rural community. She and her husband, both nurses, emphasize wellness in their family and her daughter hopes to be a vet someday, besotted by taking care of her dogs and cats.

•    Joy remembers tagging along with her mother, Jackie, when she worked as a home health care nurse. The son of one of her mom’s patients was so grateful, he helped pay for her nursing education.

The Evolution of Nursing
The convergence of different generations of nurses in one family can be an educational process. Experienced nurses can advise their younger counterparts, and younger nurses in the family can help with technology. Bridging the generation gap provides the best of both worlds for nurse mother and daughter teams.

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Nursing has changed significantly since the TV show Call the Midwife days. Education is more rigorous, duties expanded and opportunities more diverse and uplifting. Even the uniform is softer, cheerier and less formal. Gone are the cleaning and housekeeping chores, now delegated to other valued staff. And hospital corners? No need--replaced by fitted sheets.

But the core tenants of nursing haven’t changed. Providing quality, compassionate care for the patient, reassuring the patient’s family and respecting and helping fellow nurses will always remain the heart of the profession.

Nurses Week is a great time to celebrate the nurses in your family

Hit the Road With Mom
There’s no reason that mother and daughter nursing teams shouldn’t travel together. Consider taking a travel nursing assignment at the same facility for a once-in-a-lifetime bonding experience. If you refer a friend (or a relative), you can earn a great referral bonus to share.

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Nurses Week is a great time to celebrate nurses in the family and Mother’s Day is an important time to share the common love for the profession.

*Last names were withheld due to hospital policy

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