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Travel Nursing Salary and Benefits Information

NursesRx offers the most competitive travel nursing salaries and benefits packages in the industry, designed to support you and put more money in your pocket.

Learn more about travel nursing salaries and the benefits of travel nursing below.

Travel Nurse Salary: How Much Do Travel Nurses Make?

Travel nursing salaries may differ, depending on specialty, location and type of facility. Typically, travel nurses receive an hourly pay rate ranging from $35 to $44 per hour.

In addition to comprehensive hourly pay rates, NursesRx nurses receive travel nurse salaries that include a daily allowance for meals and incidentals.

Ways to Earn More with NursesRx

   My Time Bonus: We'll pay you a bonus for the extra hours you work with our My Time Bonus program. You work hard, so why not earn more?
•   Referral Program: Know an RN who’d be perfect for travel nursing? With our referral program, you can earn up to $1000 for referring a friend or colleague.
•   Sign-On/Completion Bonuses: Many of our clients offer lucrative signing and/or completion bonuses, ranging from $2000 to $5,500 for a 13-week assignment, depending on the type of facility and location.

Travel Nursing Benefits

In addition to competitive travelling nurse salaries, NursesRx offers the industry’s top travel nursing benefits. These benefits include:

   Medical, dental and vision insurance and other voluntary benefits
•   Free life insurance.
•   401(k) retirement plan with company matching.
•   Free continuing education.
•   24-hour on-call clinical service support.

For a more information about NursesRx travel nursing salary and benefits, call us at (800) 735-4774 or search jobs now!


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