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  • New Jersey Nursing License, Renewal and Verification Information

    New Jersey Nursing LicenseThinking about getting your New Jersey nursing license? New Jersey is home to several top-ranked healthcare facilities, making it a great option for nurses looking to advance their career. 

    Below is information regarding the New Jersey nursing license process as well as information about New the Jersey nursing license verification and renewal processes. 

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    How to Get a New Jersey Nursing License

    Below are important things to know before you begin the New Jersey nurse license process. 

    • All individuals must complete a registered nursing program approved by the Board.
    • A temporary courtesy license is available only for nonresident military spouses
    • New Jersey is not a member of the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact.
    • The New Jersey nursing license and application processing costs $200.
    • Fingerprinting costs an additional $58.68 and is required for everyone not living inside the metropolitan New Jersey area. You have to request the fingerprinting separately from your application.

    New Jersey Nursing License Verification

    The New Jersey nursing license renewal process is simple. 

    If you want to verify your New Jersey nursing license has been issued, follow this link to the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and enter your information.

    New Jersey Nursing License Renewal

    Need information on the New Jersey nursing license renewal process? A New Jersey nursing license must be renewed every two years. 

    Here are some things to consider when completing the New Jersey nursing license renewal process.

    • You must complete 30 hours of continuing education in the two years before your renewal.
    • You can put your New Jersey nursing license in inactive status if you are not practicing in New Jersey. However, you will have to go through a reactivation process if you plan on using you license again.
    • You must renew your license before May 31st of either even or odd years depending on the year you are assigned.
    • It costs $120 to renew your New Jersey nurse license

    Additional Information and Links

    New Jersey Board of Nursing

    124 Halsey St

    Newark, NJ 07102

    Website: https://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/nur/Pages/default.aspx  

    Phone: (973) 504-6430

    Email: askconsumeraffairs@dca.lps.state.nj.us 

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