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    North Carolina Nursing License

    North Carolina has ample opportunities for RNs looking to further their career. Below is information on how you can obtain your North Carolina nursing license as well as resources for North Carolina nursing license verification and renewal. 

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    How to Get a North Carolina Nursing License

    Are you looking to acquire your North Carolina nursing license? We’ve got you covered. Here are some things to remember when starting your application process.

    • Prospective RNs must complete a nursing program that has been approved by the North Carolina Board of Nursing as well as pass the NCLEX-RN examination.
    • Individuals can apply for a North Carolina nurse license via endorsement as long as they have completed a program which was approved by the jurisdiction of original licensure.
    • North Carolina provides temporary licensure while individuals are waiting for approval of their endorsement application. This license is valid for six months.
    • North Carolina is a Nurse License Compact state, which allows nurses licensed in one compact state to practice in North Carolina without having to get a new nursing license.

    North Carolina Nursing License Verification

    If you’re a RN in North Carolina, you can obtain your North Carolina nursing license verification online via the North Carolina Board of Nursing website.

    If you’re an out-of-state RN applying for a North Carolina nurse license via endorsement, you can go to Nursys.com. Here you can navigate to the Nursys Licensure Verification tab, which is an online service where you can request a secure electronic verification of licensure.

    NC Nursing License Renewal

    RNs are required to renew their NC nursing license every two years. Below is some important information regarding the renewal process.

    Additional Information and Links

    North Carolina Board of Nursing

    4516 Lake Boone Trail

    Raleigh, NC 27607

    Website: https://www.ncbon.com/;

    Phone: (919) 782-3211

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