5 Reasons to Consider a Travel Nursing Job in Northern California

California Travel Nursing JobsBy Haley White

Travel nursing jobs in Northern California offer many unique opportunities that can’t be found in other regions.

Whether you have gone to California before or not, Northern California offers many benefits to those visiting for travel assignments or looking for a permanent place to settle down. 

Here are five of the reasons you should consider an assignment in Northern California.

Travel Nursing Jobs in Northern California: Top 5 Reasons to Go

1. Top-Rated Hospitals

Some of the best hospitals in the country reside in Northern California, such as the UC San Francisco Hospital and the UC Davis hospital. When on a travel nursing job in California, you have the opportunity to work with world renowned doctors and medical professionals. 

Working at these distinguished facilities will boost your resume, making it easier to get future nursing jobs, and will give you access to state-of-the-art medical technologies.

2. High Demand and Pay

There is a high demand for traveling nurses in the region, so there are always travel nursing jobs in California

High demand combined with a higher-than-average minimum wage in California means nurses are paid more.

California consistently has the highest average salaries for nurses at $102,700 annually and $49.37 per hour, according to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics

In addition, the top ten highest-paying metropolitan areas for nurses are all in California, according to the 2017 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics—with San Francisco-Redwood City in Southern California topping the charts with a mean wage of $67.16 per hour and $139,700 per year.

3. Mandated Nurse-to-Patient Ratios

California is currently the only state with a state mandated nurse-to-patient ratios. Too often hospitals are short-staffed and patient care and nurse health can suffer.

However, when you work in California, mandated minimum nurse-to-patient ratios mean you will never have too many patients for you to reasonably care for, so you can give the best care to every patient and keep yourself healthy.

4. Top Cities

California is a huge travel destination for a reason. Northern California contains some of the most visited places in the Unites States.

Visit San Francisco to walk the Golden Gate Bridge, explore the beautiful landscape and museums of Golden Gate Park, visit the piers, admire art at the San Francisco Museum of Modern art, or take a boat out to Alcatraz.

Take a trip to Sacramento to visit California’s state capital, take a walk by the American River, or relive the past in Old Sacramento or Sutter’s Fort.

5. Plenty of Ways to Unwind After Your Shift

If you prefer natural attractions, there are many national and state parks, so there will be one near you no matter where you are placed in Northern California. 

Hike half dome in Yosemite or visit the Redwood national and state parks. If you love the water, take some time to visit the beautiful beaches all along the coast as well as Lake Tahoe. 

When you need some time to relax after a stressful week, go wine tasting in the gorgeous wine country of Napa Valley. 


Northern California is a beautiful region with many must see destinations both natural and man-made, beautiful weather, amazing hospitals, and abundant opportunities for traveling nursing jobs




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