Family Affair: Top 10 Benefits of Travel Nursing with Family

travel nursing with familyBy Kathy Marshall, Contributor

Many people think travel nursing is only for single nurses or retired RNs. But travel nursing with a family is possible. 

Although not for everyone, travel nursing with family is guaranteed to provide unique opportunities and memories.

One of the biggest concerns for nurses considering travel nursing with kids is the apparent lack of stability. 

Different schools, having to make new friends, and limited time with extended family all are valid concerns. But children are quite flexible and enjoy the excitement of new experiences.

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Travel Nursing with Family: Top 10 Benefits

1. Meeting Different People

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects for travel nursing with a family is the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. 

When we stay static in one location, we all tend to get into habits and routines. Often, these routines involve the same circle of people, providing little in the way of learning other viewpoints.

2. Seeing History in Person

Remember back to your grade school days. Recall all those long lessons about historical American figures and places? 

Imagine how much more interesting those subjects would have been if you could have walked on the very ground that battles and nation-altering events took place.

Whether homeschooling your kids or placing them in a public or private school, travel nursing with kids allows your children to gain a broader understanding and respect for what they are learning about.

3. Seeing All the Sights While Travel Nursing with Family

Planned out in advance, you could theoretically see all the must-see sights around the country. Start on one coast and travel across to the other, all while travel nursing with family.

Fall in Maine, the Big Apple, warm waters of southern Florida, live jazz bands in New Orleans, the Great Plains, skiing in the Rockies, the Grand Canyon, visiting the Space Needle, and crossing the Golden Gate bridge are all possible if you and your family are up to the challenge.

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4. Facing Challenges Together

Being faced with new people, places, and experiences can draw a family closer together and grow each member in ways that wouldn’t be possible staying put in one location. 

Staying in one location, each family member can get into a rut. Travel nursing with family challenges each member to grow and adapt.

5. Volunteer Opportunities

Telling your child about the struggle other people face is one thing, but being able to serve in a capacity to help those people can teach your children a lesson in humanity they never would understand otherwise.

While traveling in the U.S., you and your family will have access to various nurse volunteer opportunities

6. Adventures Abound While Travel Nursing with Kids

Travel nursing with family not only gives you the opportunity to see various places, but to experience all the adventure you can handle. 

From river rapids to amusement theme parks, travel nursing with kids can be a fun adventure.

7. Culinary Variety

Most geographical regions are known for specific foods and recipes. Travel nursing with a family can open the door to a world of culinary experiences. 

Getting authentic food is an experience that can only be found at the source. You can’t get a New York pizza in Albuquerque or Memphis BBQ in Vermont.

8. Education Choices

Perhaps you live an area with less-than-stellar grade schools. Travel nursing with your family can provide you the opportunity to place your children into more advanced school systems. 

If this is a top priority for you, research areas and make a list of your top school choices and apply for available travel nursing positions.

9. Experience Holidays in a Whole New Way

Have you ever wanted to skate by Rockefeller Center at Christmas or hear the Boston Symphony Orchestra perform for the Fourth of July? 

Travel nursing with family can let you and your family experience these events together.

10. Lifetime of Memories

Imagine years from now the stories you and your children will have to share if you make travel nursing your path. Unique experiences, exciting adventures, new friends, and growing closer as a family are all benefits of travel nursing with a family.

Yes, challenges will come up and not every day will be a magical adventure. Make sure to take precautions while traveling with your children. But travel nursing with family can offer a growing experience unlike any other.

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