Top 10 Travel Nursing Myths Debunked

Travel Nursing MythsYou can’t take your family on assignments.”

Travel nursing benefits don’t cover much.” 

I’m too old to work as a travel nurse.”

Ever hear these travel nursing myths?

Such misconceptions may be keeping you in the dark about the career possibilities and benefits of travel nursing. 

So we’re here to set the record straight about how travel nursing jobs really work.

The Truth Behind 10 Travel Nursing Myths

MYTH #1: Travel nursing jobs won’t look good on my resume.

TRUTH: Employers know that travel nursing jobs are temporary, and can appreciate the skills it takes to adapt to new work situations.  

Plus, travel nurses have the opportunity to work at Magnet hospitals, academic medical centers and other top facilities. They can learn best practices, sharpen their skills and work with the latest equipment and technology. 

This type of experience is highly sought-after by nursing managers, and one of the key benefits of travel nursing.

MYTH #2: Travel nursing is not sustainable as a career.

TRUTH: Some nurses choose to travel for just a few months, but others go on to work travel nursing assignments for a few years. 

Your recruiter can help you plan assignments in advance, and keep you working as much as you want.

The competitive nursing salaries and employment benefits of being a travel nurse can provide peace of mind for your present and future career.

MYTH #3: I’m too old to be a travel nurse.  

TRUTH: Travel nurses can be any age, and work travel jobs at any stage of their career.  

In fact, many mature nurses find that travel nursing gives them a fresh take on their chosen profession. Others plan their assignments in locations that allow them to spend time with grown children, grandchildren or aging parents. 

Nurses near retirement may choose the benefits of travel nursing as a transitional step; they can get a jump on their travel bucket list, work when they want and enjoy extended breaks between assignments.

MYTH #5: Travel nursing benefits are less than staff benefits.

TRUTH: The employment benefits of travel nursing are similar to those of permanent nursing jobs, but travelers can enjoy many additional benefits.

Your travel nursing benefits with NursesRx include a competitive nurse salary; medical, dental and vision insurance options; life insurance; 401K; professional liability insurance; and more. Travel nurses also get free housing, travel expenses, free continuing education, bonus programs and other perks. 

MYTH #6: Travel nurses aren’t treated well by staff.

TRUTH: There’s no guarantee when it comes to human nature, but the vast majority of nurses and other clinicians welcome the assistance of travel nurses.

You are there to fulfill a staffing need, provide quality care for patients and keep your fellow nurses from becoming overwhelmed. 

The more you can do to offer assistance and keep a friendly, positive attitude, the easier it will be to integrate into your new team.

MYTH #7: Travel nurses have to move far from home.

TRUTH: Guess what? There are such things as “local” assignments for travel nurses! 

Whether you want to work in your current city, or find an assignment nearby to commute home on your days off, all it takes is a conversation with a NursesRx recruiter to see what’s possible.  

(Note: Each employer contract is different, and local assignments can affect the taxable status of some travel nursing benefits, due to IRS rules.)

MYTH #9: Traveling nurses have to go where their agency sends them. 

TRUTH: As a travel nurse, you can pick your own assignments!

After talking with a recruiter about your goals, he/she will seek out travel assignments that are the best fit. Then you get to decide if the job suggested is one you want to pursue.  

If you agree, your recruiter will submit your packet of information to the employer, help prepare you for interviews and review contract details with you if you receive a job offer.

Then, if you accept, your recruiter will assist with relocation and onboarding, and provide support during your assignment.

MYTH #10: All travel nursing agencies have the same jobs.

TRUTH: Some employers will make their travel nursing jobs available to different travel nursing agencies, but some choose to work with one staffing company as their main supplier.

NursesRx is a company of AMN Healthcare, the nation’s largest healthcare staffing and workforce solutions provider. This means that our travel nurses have access to more travel nursing jobs than other agencies. 

Because of our extensive service offerings and long-term relationships with top healthcare facilities, we can offer many exclusive travel nursing jobs that you won’t find anywhere else.




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