Top 5 Benefits of Joining a Nurses Association

nurses associationBy Allan Robinson

Are you on the “in” when it comes to nurse networking? Joining a nurses association may be your best next nursing career move.

Professional nurses associations include general organizations such as the American Nurses Association as well as organizations for particular nursing specialties such as the Emergency Nurses Association. 

Nurses join these organizations for a variety of reasons, especially their benefits in networking and continuing education (CE).

5 Reasons to Join a Nurses Association

Check out these five of the benefits of joining a nurses association to decide if this step is right for you.

1. Networking Opportunities

A nurses association provides its members with plenty of opportunities for networking with other healthcare professionals. 

The websites of these organizations typically have a forum and online chat that let you communicate with other members on a variety of nursing topics, providing an opportunity to find out how other nurses handle issues you might be facing.

Membership in a nurses association also lets you network in person with other nurses in your specialty. 

These organizations frequently provide members with discounts and other benefits on conventions at the national, state and local levels.


2. Targeted Resources

Nurses associations also provide their members with a variety of resources specifically for RNs. Their websites include pages with general information that anyone can access as well as pages that are only available to members.

These resources primarily include newsletters and materials to review when preparing for certification exams. 

Nursing organizations may also allow members access to professional journals with peer-reviewed articles, which help RNs stay up to date on on their body of knowledge.

Many nurses associations offer discounts on various types of insurance, especially professional liability insurance. They may also provide special offers on credit cards.

3. Promote Excellence in Practice

Nurses associations typically have close associations with the certifying body for a particular nursing specialty. 

As such, they often define the standards of practice for that specialty and can inform their members promptly when standards are edited or changed.

Regular reviews of these standards are important, because they can change unexpectedly. 

Highly experienced nurses can be surprised to discover that a practice they’ve followed for years is no longer considered the best practice, but active membership in the right organization lets you better avoid that risk.

4. Education

Science and technology changes quickly, making CE an essential part of the nursing profession. 

State licensing boards and specialty certification boards require nurses to complete CE courses that ensure they remain current in their practice. 

Certification also helps nurses demonstrate their commitment to excellence.

Nurses associations often provide certification training for their members. Many certification boards also offer discounts for CE activities to members of nurses associations.

5. Nursing Career Assistance

Many nurses associations provide nursing career assistance for their members in the form of job openings and expert career advice. 

This information changes quickly, so members should review it regularly. 

Even if you’re not looking for a new nursing job, the openings listed in the career center can provide current information on trends in salaries and benefits for your area of specialty.

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