Top 5 Reasons to Love Being a Travel Nurse

travel nurseBy Erin Wallace

As with any career, travel nursing has its benefits and drawbacks, but many travel nurses find they truly love their career choice. 

Besides being able to travel the country and make new friends while advancing your nursing career, travel nursing has a host of other exciting benefits.  

Below are the top five reasons to love being a travel nurse.

5 Reasons to Love Being a Travel Nurse

1. A flexible schedule

Travel nursing jobs vary according to length of time, location and position. Once your current assignment ends, you can decide how much time to take off before starting your next one. 

Best of all — some positions may even let you arrange your weekly schedule for longer weekends and shorter workweeks.

2. Living in multiple cities across the country

One of the biggest perks of being a travel nurse is the actual traveling. You get to live in new cities or towns, meet new people and experience new ways of life. Plus, if you're the adventurous type, this perk for travel nursing may be right up your alley. 

You get to choose where you'd like to work, and many times you can choose to extend your assignment if you really like a particular place.

3. You can expand your practical nursing skills

Traveling nurses can gain experience with different types of ICUs and patient conditions that they might not otherwise have gotten working as a staff nurse at one hospital. 

Encountering many different people and situations forces you to be adaptable and think critically so you can advance your career.

4. You can help patients who really need it

In many cases, hospitals utilize travel nurses to help on floors or on units that are consistently understaffed, so you'll be providing medical care and using your nursing skills where they're most needed.

5. Perks and incentives

It's no secret that travel nurses often earn higher salaries compared to staff RNs. In addition to pay perks, many agencies pay for the cost of housing

Depending on the contract, you may also enjoy other benefits, including sign-on or completion bonuses. 


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