• How to Get Your Travel Nursing License

    how to get a nursing license in another stateTravel nursing affords RNs the opportunity to work in exciting cities and states across the U.S. In order to work in a different state, however, travel nurses must obtain the proper nursing license.

    NursesRx is here to help you through the nursing license process, and can make sure that you are fully licensed for the travel nursing location where you would like to work.

    Apply with NursesRx today and let our team guide you through the nurse license process.

    Important Nursing License Information 

    Any individual who practices nursing is required to obtain and maintain a nursing license as well as obey nurse licensure laws. Below is some important nurse license information.

    • You must be a graduate of an approved nursing education program to obtain a nurse license
    • You must pass the NCLEX-RN® or NCLEX-PN® Examination to acquire a nursing license
    • A nurse licensed in one jurisdiction can oftentimes be licensed in another jurisdiction via endorsement
    • Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) allows nurses to practice in other compact states with a single multistate license. 

    *Learn more about the Nurse Licensure Compact and see a list of nursing compact states here.

    Nurse License Information by State

    Nurse license processes, time frames and requirements can vary by state. Click on each state below to access board of nursing requirements and further information on verification, renewal and more. 

    To contact a nursing recruiter with further questions about travel nursing jobs with NursesRx, go here.

    State   Compact   Walkthrough Time Frame
    Alabama NO NO 2 Weeks
    Alaska   NO NO 2 Weeks
    Arizona YES YES 48-72 hrs. after walkthrough


    Arkansas YES NO 10 days for new
    California  NO NO 4-8 weeks
    Colorado  YES NO 4 weeks for new
    Connecticut   NO NO 2 weeks for new
    Delaware  YES NO 2 weeks for new
    Washington, D.C.   NO YES
    Florida NO NO 4-6 wks., 1-2 if fingerprinting done in state
    Georgia  NO NO 4-6 weeks
    Hawaii   NO YES closed on Fridays

    Idaho YES YES
    Illinois  NO NO 4-6 weeks
    Iowa YES NO 4-6 weeks for new
    Kansas NO NO 2 weeks
    Kentucky YES NO 2 weeks for new
    Louisiana  NO YES Walkthrough for temp license; 4-6 weeks for other
    Maine  YES NO 2 weeks for new
    Maryland  YES YES
    Massachusetts  NO NO
    Michigan  NO NO 6-8 weeks
    Minnesota NO NO 4-6 weeks
    Mississippi YES YES  
    Missouri  YES YES
    Montana NO NO 1 week
    Nebraska   YES YES  
    Nevada  NO NO 6-9 weeks
    New Hampshire   YES NO 2-8 weeks for new
    New Jersey  NO NO 4-6 weeks
    New Mexico  YES NO 2 weeks for new
    New York  NO NO 6-8 weeks for new
    North Carolina YES NO 2 weeks for new
    North Dakota  YES NO 1 week for new
    Ohio  NO NO 4-6 weeks
    Oklahoma NO NO 3-4 weeks
    Oregon NO NO 3 weeks
    Pennsylvania  NO NO 2-3 weeks
    Rhode Island  YES YES 4+ weeks for new
    South Carolina YES YES 2 weeks by mail
    South Dakota YES YES  
    Tennessee      YES NO 4-6 weeks for new
    Texas YES NO 2 weeks for new
    Utah  YES NO 3 weeks for new
    Vermont   NO YES  
    Virginia YES NO 4 weeks for new
    Washington NO NO 4-5 weeks
    West Virginia  NO NO 1-2 weeks
    Wisconsin YES NO 2 weeks for new
    Wyoming NO NO 2-3 weeks

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