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  • South Dakota Nursing License, Renewal and Verification Information

    South Dakota Nursing License In addition to strikingly beautiful national parks, South Dakota is home to top-ranked healthcare facilities.  

    Below is everything you need to know about obtaining your South Dakota nursing license as well as information regarding the South Dakota nursing license renewal and verification process. 

    With the help of experts from NursesRx, you can be on your way to a South Dakota nursing license. Complete the form to the right and let us guide you through your licensure process.

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    How to Get a South Dakota Nursing License

    If you want to expand your nursing career to South Dakota, keep these facts in mind before you start your South Dakota nursing license application:

    • $100 fee for South Dakota nursing licensure by exam or endorsement
    • $25 temporary permit
    • South Dakota is a member of the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact. Nurses who already have multistate licenses do not need to get a nursing license in South Dakota to practice.
    • You must pass the NCLEX ($200 exam fee)

    South Dakota Nursing License Verification

    You can verify your South Dakota nursing license on the board of nursing’s website here.

    South Dakota participates in Nursys, so you can verify your South Dakota nursing license to another state here.

    South Dakota Nursing License Renewal

    Need to renew your South Dakota nursing license? Below is important information regarding the South Dakota nursing license renewal process. 

    • $90 renewal fee for a South Dakota nursing license
    • South Dakota nursing licenses last 2 years
    • You must have practiced nursing for 140 hours in 12 months at some point over the past 6 years or completed 480 hours of nursing employment in the past 6 years

    Additional Information and Links

    South Dakota Board of Nursing

    4305 South Louise Ave Suite 201

    Sioux Falls SD 57106-3315

    Website: https://doh.sd.gov/boards/nursing/ 

    Phone: (605) 362-2760

    Fax: (605) 362-2768

  • South Dakota Nursing License Assistance

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