Step into the Best Rated Shoes for RNs

By Nanette Wiser, contributor

You’ve worked another 12-hour shift and your little piggies are on fire! Travel nurses know that comfortable, well-made shoes can put an end to foot pain, shin splints, numbness and other shoe-caused woes.

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Best-Rated Shoes for RNs
What’s important in a work shoe? Comfort begins when a nurse’s foot is properly cushioned and the shoe supports the ankles, knees, hips and back. NursesRx has done the research for you, to find shoes that fit the bill.

One of these top shoes for RNs could make a big difference in your foot pain.

Busy travel nurses call these shoes an RN’s best friend:

Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled or Volley Clogs (everything from zebra stripe to pink and red), Sanita Women’s Professional Celina Clog

Timberland Professional Women’s Renova Slip-On
Alegria Women’s Professional Slip-On
Nurse Mate Women’s Dove, Cherokee Uniforms Shoes for Medical Professionals
Nike Free RN (for men and women)
Skecher’s Women’s Premium-Pre-Mix Slip On Sneakers
Dickie’s Twin Gore Step in Shoe “Intense.”

For Men
Dickie’s Medical Men’s SRMEXAM Leather Step in Nursing Shoe
Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On Work Shoe

Optimal Shoe Features
Look for quality construction to support your long hours on the job. Here are the types of features that will help ease foot pain:

•    High toe box for ample room
•    Anatomically contoured footbed for support
•    Slightly raised heel for improved posture and circulation
•    A rubber sole for stability
•    A rocker bottom for enhanced movement
•    Moisture-absorbing, breathable lining
•    A polyurethane sole for enhanced shock absorption and flexibility
•    Box leather’s smooth finish can be easily cleaned and is perfect for wet or greasy conditions

Good Fit & Happy Feet
You know you have a good fit when your heel moves up and down freely. The fit should be snug when you step in, but your toes should be able to wiggle freely. Have your foot professionally measured and find a shoe that matches your foot type.

A good fit is just the beginning of reducing foot pain. In honor of National Foot Health Awareness Month, here are additional tips for keeping your piggies happy:

•    Invest in premium insoles personalized for your foot (arch support, gel, plantar fascitis or running sport insole).  
•    Consider high quality compression socks to improve blood flow.
•    Give your foot regular breaks; sit down!
•    Soak sore or blistered feet in Epsom salts and/or essential oils.
•    Experiencing pain or other foot ailments? Ask a podiatrist.

Clean & Safe
While some nurses use cleaning wipes at work, the best idea is to wear shoe covers or change shoes before leaving the hospital. In any case, leave your shoes at the door and keep germs out of your home.

During National Foot Health Month, be kind to your health and your feet! Invest in a great pair of nursing shoes that are comfortable, stylish and protect you during your long day (or night). And invest in your career with a travel nursing assignment with NursesRx!

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