Labor and Delivery Nursing Jobs

Labor and Delivery Nursing Jobs

Labor & Delivery Nursing Jobs

You're in high demand! Labor and delivery nursing jobs are abundant for travel nurses in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country.

Choose from jobs in all 50 states and get your l&d travel nurse career started today.

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Labor and delivery nursing jobs involve caring for women and newborns during the antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum and neonatal stages of the childbirth process. L & D RNs monitor the mother’s and baby’s vital signs during birth and deal with a variety of potential issues that may arise. They also support and educate mothers and their families after giving birth. Typically, L & D nurses work in hospitals, clinics, physician offices, and maternity or birthing centers.

NursesRx accepts applications from those seeking L & D Nurse Jobs with undergraduate degrees in nursing. This degree should include training in anatomy and physiology, pathology, human development and treatment modalities. Because labor and delivery nursing jobs are among the most popular specialty professions, advanced coursework is suggested. Such programs last between six and 12 months and can be completed upon graduation from nursing school.

Average labor and delivery nurse salary rates vary, but you can feel confident that NursesRx offers the most competitive rates in the industry. According to the 2012 Nurse Salary Survey from ADVANCE for Nurses, the average annual salary for labor and delivery nursing jobs is $72,500, varying slightly depending upon location, industry and experience.

NursesRx also offers free housing or a housing stipend, expense reimbursement, bonus opportunities, free liability insurance, and health and dental insurance. Nurses can opt into a 30-day insurance coverage window between travel for (L&D) Nurse Jobs assignments.

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