Med Surg Nurse Jobs

Med Surg Nurse Jobs

Medical Surgical (Med Surg) Nurse Jobs

Medical surgical nursing job opportunities are in increasing demand — and NursesRx offers an extensive assortment of travel med surg nurse jobs throughout the U.S. to meet the increasing need.

Medical surgical nursing jobs from NursesRx are among the most desirable in the industry. As a company of AMN Healthcare, we have exclusive contracts with elite healthcare facilities throughout the United States. This means you can find the perfect travel assignment — fast.

Ready to begin your next med surg opportunity? Browse the tabs below for details on med surge nurse salary rates, descriptions of job duties and responsibilities, or search medical surgical nurse jobs available from NursesRx now.

Medical surgical nursing jobs make every day different from the next. Med surg nurses work with adult patients of all ages with many types of problems. In this specialty, your skill set must remain extremely diverse yet sharp in all realms of nursing. Although entry level nurses had traditionally looked at med-surg nursing as a first step to more specialized areas of nursing, the field has evolved into its own specialty. Med surg nurses must provide care for patients before and after medical procedures and manage a broad and complex range of needs in a number of healthcare settings and often maintain a higher patient caseload than other nurses.

To be recruited for NursesRx medical surgical nursing jobs, job seekers must have either an RN or bachelor’s degree in nursing. Along with the many qualities every nurse must possess, med surg nurses must especially be able to multi-task at a fast pace and possess a great attention to detail in charting and patient care.

Medical surgical nursing job salary rates vary depending on many factors (including experience, certifications, and employment location), but typically average $54,000 per year.

NursesRx guarantees competitive nurse salaries and an assortment of benefits. Free housing, flexible schedules, qualified expense reimbursement and free liability insurance are standard; you also get comprehensive health, vision, and dental coverage — and the opportunity to keep your insurance for 30 days while you’re between assignments.

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