NICU Nurse salary

NICU Nurse salary

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse Jobs and NICU Nursing Salary Information

NICU nurse jobs continue to see an ever-increasing rise in hospitals and healthcare settings across the United States. To meet this growing need, NursesRx provides professional nurses with access to a wide variety of travel NICU nurse jobs with demand for the expertise of neonatal intensive care unit nurses.

Why choose a travel position in neonatal intensive care unit nursing? The travel NICU positions you’ll find at NursesRx are drawn from a vast roster of exclusive neonatal intensive care nursing jobs throughout the country and offer some of the most attractive NICU nursing salary options in the industry. In addition to having access to exciting travel opportunities and exploring new places, you’ll benefit from more chances to find NICU opportunities that will accelerate your career as a registered nurse. NursesRx assists all candidates with proper licensing for every state, and we partner you with a team of highly experienced clinical managers, available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have; full liability insurance as part of your travel assignment; and many other benefits you won’t get from any other travel nursing provider.

Ready to get started with your neonatal intensive care nursing job search? Check out the information below for details on NICU nursing salary rates, responsibilities and more, or search NICU nurse jobs available from NursesRx now.

NursesRx travel NICU nurse jobs place you in a variety of enthralling environments where you provide direct and specialized care for newborns needing close monitoring due to premature birth, birth defects, infection or other medical conditions requiring surgery or therapy. Working in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with doctors and other healthcare professionals, the NICU nurse assists in developing and implementing a plan of care for high-risk newborns requiring high-technology care, including ventilators, incubators or other special equipment or surgery.

NICU nurse job-seekers can apply with NursesRx at different levels of education and training. Candidates must have finished nursing school, although a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) degree is suggested. Though job options are plenty, competition for NICU nurse jobs can be high, and a CNS degree will give you an edge over other candidates.

While the 2012 Nurse Salary Survey from ADVANCE for Nurses does not report an average annual salary for NICU, the average annual salary for ICU nurses is $75,800, and the average annual survey for Maternal/Child specialists averages $72,500. NursesRx offers neonatal intensive care nurse jobs in across the United States with the most desirable NICU nurse salary rates.

NursesRx matches travel clinicians with thousands of NICU nurse jobs with additional perks like free housing and plentiful bonus opportunities. Assistance with licensing is provided, as well as free liability insurance and comprehensive health insurance.

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