PCU Nurse Salary

PCU Nurse Salary

Progressive Care Unit Nursing (PCU RN Jobs)

PCU nurse job openings are abundant in every type of healthcare settings throughout the United States, and NursesRx offers a broad spectrum of progressive care unit employment opportunities to meet this demand.

Thanks to our position as a company of AMN Healthcare, we’re able to hold exclusive contracts with top-tier healthcare facilities around the country states, giving candidates better access to better PCU RN jobs. Registered nurses seeking to expand their expertise and advance their careers will benefit from the breadth of travel employment opportunities we provide in healthcare settings as diverse as small-town clinics to sprawling, state-of-the-art university medical centers, in every U.S. state.

Ready to begin your PCU job search? Check out the information below for details on PCU nurse salary range, a progressive care unit job description, responsibilities and more, or search progressive care unit nursing jobs available from NursesRx now.

The progressive care unit nursing job description entails work in a progressive care unit, caring for patients who need close monitoring and frequent assessment, but who aren't unstable enough to require ICU care. The PCU nurse uses computer equipment to monitor cardiac and other vital information and detect any changes, thereby enabling intervention of life-threatening or emergency situations. Close observation is necessary as many PCU patients receive a significant amount of complex medications, sometimes through an intravenous line that may need to be adjusted or titrated. The PCU nurse is sometimes also called a step-down nurse or telemetry nurse, and the PCU is also known as cardiac stepdown, medical stepdown, neuro stepdown, surgical stepdown and ER holding.

PCU nursing jobs do operate somewhere between the levels of general and ICU care, but the American Association of Critical Care Nurses has recently included the position in the field of critical care. As a result, our partners seek PCU nurse applicants who have the same training as ICU staff with the exception of certifications in invasive technologies. This includes either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing as well as a year or more of service on a medical-surgical floor.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 500,000 new PCU nurse opportunities will be created by 2016. Because of this growing demand, experienced RNs can command top pay for their expertise. PCU nurse salaries vary depending on experience, location and facility, and the 2012 Nurse Salary Survey from ADVANCE for Nurses reports the average salary for progressive care unit nursing jobs stands at $75,000.

NursesRx offers a broad range of travel PCU nurse employment opportunities with competitive salary levels, as well as a full suite of benefits that includes free housing. Our recruiters stand by to assist you with any licensing needs for your assignments; you also get free liability insurance, and comprehensive health insurance.

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