Telemetry Nursing Jobs

Telemetry Nursing Jobs

Telemetry Nursing Jobs (Tele RN Jobs)

Telemetry Nursing jobs are being staffed at increasing rates throughout the U.S., and NursesRx offers a wide range of telemetry nursing employment opportunities in facilities all across the country to meet this demand.

Choosing a travel telemetry nursing job opportunity gives you access to far more employment opportunities than you’d otherwise encounter. NursesRx provides access to a host of telemetry nursing employment options, all of which deliver a complete set of benefits — including “day-one” health, dental, and vision insurance, free liability insurance, and 30 days of insurance coverage between assignments. Our highly experienced team of recruiters, analysts, and clinical liaisons know how to make your move into travel nursing as easy and rewarding as possible

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RNs working in telemetry nursing jobs specialize in treating patients connected to monitoring equipment for blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen level, breathing rate, and other vital signs. In many cases, such patients have recently undergone major surgery, but are no longer required to be in the intensive care unit (ICU). Tele nurses work closely with physicians to develop treatment plans for patients in the telemetry unit, and supervise the work of RNs and nursing assistants who provide basic patient care.

Although specific guidelines vary by state, those pursuing telemetry nursing jobs are required to receive additional training after receiving their nursing license. This training may include a specialized telemetry program offered by a hospital or university, or certification via the Critical Care Registered Nurse Exam (CCRN-E). Our travel partners will help you assess the requirements for telemetry nursing jobs in the regions you’re most interested in exploring.

Telemetry nurse salary rates are dependent on experience, training, and employment location. Positions requiring higher levels of experience and/or training frequently offer greater levels of salary.

NursesRx provides travel telemetry nurse employment opportunities that boast competitive wages and a host of perks including paid benefits, free housing, job-related travel reimbursements and more. We also provide liability insurance and health coverage that begins on the first day of your assignment.

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