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Non Us Nurses

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Travel Nurse Jobs and Info for Non-U.S. Nursing Professionals

Nursing jobs in America are abundant and available via NursesRx for qualified Canadian nurses. The U.S. is experiencing a high demand of skilled registered nurses and NursesRx is poised to offer an abundant array of nursing jobs in the U.S. in every discipline. NursesRx travel assignments typically span 8 to 26 weeks in length and, as a Canadian NursesRx traveler, you’ll be part of our Canadian Concierge program — which is tailored to fit your needs.

The program includes:

  • Personal immigration expert to help with your NCLEX and VisaScreen process.
  • VisaScreen, NCLEX exam and TN Visa fee reimbursement.
  • Consistent support from start to finish — we’re with you every step of the way.
  • Experienced, service-oriented recruiters to help you meet your career goals.
  • 24/ 7 clinical support from RN clinical liaisons.

Other benefits important to our Canadian travel nurses looking for nursing jobs in U.S. include:

  • Top pay, generous benefits and incentive programs.
  • Free, private, quality housing located close to your workplace.
  • The largest selection of jobs across the country — whether you’re looking for a particular location, type of facility or part of the country, we can help you get there.
  • During your initial contract, you may be offered the option to extend your assignment or you can work with your recruiter to select a new destination in a different location.

Is my Canadian license valid in the United States?

In certain U.S. states, you can use your Canadian license to gain a U.S. license through reciprocity, as these states honor nursing licenses obtained in other countries without making you test again. However, if you require a TN visa, you will be required to have passed either the NCLEX-RN exam or the CGFNS exam because either one is a requirement for issuance of a VisaScreen, which in turn is a USCIS requirement for a TN visa.

Your recruiter can help you obtain information about the NCLEX examination and VisaScreen application. Your trade NAFTA visa will be sponsored by NursesRX and can be renewed; it is normally issued for up to three years.

VisaScreen requirements

NursesRx has formed a tactical team of trained professionals who are experts in VisaScreen requirements. This team is dedicated to helping Canadian travelers through the VisaScreen process. NursesRx also offers reimbursement for certain VisaScreen costs. For more information on VisaScreen assistance and our reimbursement policy, please call your recruiter to connect you with our immigration coordinator.

When you finish your original assignment, you have options! You can:

  • Extend your assignment.
  • Take a different assignment.
  • Take time off before your next assignment to see the country.
  • Return to Canada, where we will assist you with further job placement.

To get started on finding nursing jobs in America, please visit our international partner website, O'Grady Peyton, and fill out an application.

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