Traveler Resources

Traveler Resources

Travel Nurse Employment Tools: Traveler Resources

Travel nurse employment opportunities are abundant and accessible with the right partner. NursesRx strives to make your time as a traveling nurse easy, so that you can focus on getting the most out of life and your career. You’ll be glad to know we’ve constructed this resource center for you, to save you time and provide you with useful tools and information that will help you in your career as a traveling nurse. 

Customer service team

We provide a customer service team to support all our traveling healthcare professionals 24 hours a day. The customer service team is committed to serving and supporting you throughout all of your travel nursing assignments. If you’re an active member of the NursesRx travel nurse team and require assistance or information, please don't hesitate to call our friendly customer service team toll-free at (877) 222-4446 or chat live with a representative.

The Service Connection

As a NursesRx traveling nurse, you can access your paycheck and other personal information by logging in to The Service Connection. This secure, Web-based center gives you real-time information on your timecard and direct deposit details, and access to many forms you might need during your traveling nurse assignments.

Skills checklists

Required by hospitals, the skills checklist is an important step in the application process. Complete the online form today — it's quick, easy, convenient, and carries no obligation. Remember, the sooner we receive it, the sooner you can start exploring the many exciting travel nurse employment opportunities we have waiting for you.

Professional references request form

Get a leg up over others interested in the same assignments by completing our reference request form with three of your most recent supervisors and/or managers.

State licensing information

To help you prepare for each travel nurse staffing assignment, we have collected the necessary information from the State Boards of Nursing for verifying or endorsing your nursing license.

Workplace trends, nursing news and career tips

Keep up to date on nursing industry news and the most effective advice to guide you through all of your career choices.

Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel Nursing Resources

Browse our library of travel nursing resources such as career tips, financial advice, job search tools and more. 

travel nursing job opportunitiesWhy Choose Travel Nursing?

Get the freedom and flexibility you desire with a career in travel nursing. Discover the benefits and perks of travel nursing.

Design Your Ideal JobDesign Your Ideal Job

Choose a traveling nurse career that's exactly right for you. Design a job in your specialty across the nation.

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