What It’s Like Being Married to a Travel Nurse

By Nanette Wiser, contributor

Chatting over a sunset glass of wine, my neighbors told me they were planning to apply for a travel nursing assignment together. Both were burnt out on hospital politics and didn’t want to suffer through another humid, sticky Florida summer. Alaska, Oregon and Washington were at the top of their list and their specialties were in hot demand.

Me? I was a wee bit jealous, but still promised to watch over the kitties, plotting how I could marry a nurse who liked to travel. Or pursue a travel nurse career myself.

Sometimes we get so bogged down with life and routine that we forget to have fun. Travel nursing provides the perfect change of scenery to stimulate your mind. As a nurse in a new location, your surroundings will be different, you’ll meet new people, you’ll learn new things and you’ll always have something to look forward to on your days off.

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What could be better for a relationship than feeling like you’re on a paid vacation? We all talk about it and joke about it, but travel nursing makes it real. Travel nurses get to take advantage of free travel, benefits and private accommodations, as well as assignments in exciting locations and stimulating cultural meccas like California and Chicago. And when both spouses are travel nurses? Well, it’s twice the fun!

If your spouse works from home, travel nursing is a perfect fit since your two-income budget won’t be impacted. Living in a different areas means that you’ll never get bored and sometimes just a simple change of scenery can put a bit of pep back into your step.

Life is a paid vacation when you’re married to a travel nurse

Easy Arrangements: Spouses of nurses are used to helping keep all of the plates spinning while you manage your hectic schedule. The beauty of a travel nursing job is that all you have to do is pack your bags and put the mail on hold. Your NursesRx recruiter handles all the paperwork, from free licensing to travel plans and housing. With 24/7 clinical support and medical/dental benefits from day 1, it’s travel nursing with peace of mind built in.

Rekindle Romance: A travel nursing assignment gives a couple a chance to renew and refresh their relationship during the off hours. From exploring new restaurants, museums and attractions to outdoor adventures, a travel nursing assignment provides both partners with forever memories and brings them closer.

Visit Family: Another advantage? You can visit family in any part of the country. Want to spend a few weeks with Grandma in Michigan or Mom in Iowa? No problem.

Married with Kids: If you’re married with children, you might consider setting up a travel nursing assignment during summer vacation. Your NursesRx recruiter can arrange a two-bedroom accommodation for a nominal fee or you can take the housing allowance and find your own place to stay. And you can even bring your pet along.

Everyone knows that there are a lot of benefits to being married to a nurse. First of all, nurses are amazing human beings, but they’re also highly organized, passionate and caring. Travel nursing is like the icing on the cake in the relationship.

So make your plans, pack your bags and get ready to take your relationship on an exciting adventure--and show all of your friends one more reason why it’s such a privilege to be married to a nurse.

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