Nurse Testimonials

Nurse Testimonials

Nurse Testimonials and Travel Nursing Reviews

Our nurse travelers talk about the benefits of finding your next nursing job with NursesRx

Check out our nurse testimonials and hear about the benefits of travel nursing with NursesRx directly from the RNs who have traveled with us in the past.

“I have more confidence and my skills are sharper than ever. I’ve worked in one of the most prestigious, well-known hospitals in the world — having that on my resume is something I never would have dreamed possible, but NursesRx made it so.” — Sherry Y., ER  

“NursesRx has enabled me to start traveling and seeing new places, meet new people, and experience new things, which has been invaluable to me. Through travel nursing, I’ve become a more adaptable and easy going nurse in general, and it's nice to see how different hospitals do things and broaden my knowledge.” — Jess M., General & Cardiology ICU  

“Traveling helps you grow so much as a nurse because you see so many different aspects of health care. As a nurse, you’re constantly learning — and as a traveler you’re forced to do so even more. I feel like I’ll have a lot of knowledge to add to any job I come across.”
— Jessica M., Med/Surg Acute Care

  • Men in Nursing Seeking Adventure. Try Travel Nursing

    Did you know that a larger percentage of male nurses are travel nurses than that of the general nursing population? Read More

    Did you know that a larger percentage of male nurses are travel nurses than that of the general nursing population? There’s a reason for that. Aside from exclusive jobs, competitive compensation packages and free private housing, travel nursing gives male nurses more opportunities to achieve their personal and professional goals. Whether you want the challenge of working in the nation’s top hospitals, or the freedom to travel to locations that will let you catch a game of baseball at your favorite stadium, climb the highest peak in the U.S., or taste some real Texas Barbeque, can help get you there! Read Less

  • Travel Nurse Meets Senator Hillary Clinton

     What seemed like a routine conversation with a patient and his wife turned out to be much more for Jen Burkholder, RN. Read More

    While on assignment in Washington, D.C., with leading travel staffing company NursesRx, Burkholder found herself as the nurse to a very close friend of 2008 presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton; although she didn’t know it at first. Having a deep passion and enthusiasm for politics and health policy, Burkholder casually asked the wife of the patient her opinion on the upcoming presidential election and the issue of universal healthcare—something she often brings up with her patients. To her surprise, they were not only supporters of Hillary Clinton, but they knew her personally as well. “I was so excited when I found out that my patient and his wife knew Hillary,” Burkholder said. “After I explained to them that she was my hero, the wife said, ‘Well you know Jen; you’re just going to have to meet her.’” The patient’s wife kept her word and was able to get Burkholder a coveted front-row ticket to a fundraiser that Hillary Clinton was speaking at in the area. Burkholder couldn’t believe her luck. She’s been a fan of Hillary Clinton since the third grade, and even took her most recent travel nursing assignment in D.C. to be completely surrounded by politics. The issue of public health and politics has always been a passion of Burkholder’s, and her next goal is to attend graduate school to study public health. The event that Burkholder had the opportunity to attend was the “Generations of Women for Hillary,” fundraiser which brought in almost $1 million. “It was a dream come true that I had the opportunity to meet her (Clinton) and people who knew her,” she said. “Not only did I get to meet her, but I got to sit at a front-row table and mingle amongst Read Less

  • Traveler Enjoys Professional Growth and Big Dose of Fun

    It would be a challenge to find a nurse who is more enthusiastic about travel nursing than Susan Hearin, RN, BSN. Read More

    “I love my life!” said a pumped up Hearin. “I love the flexibility, the travel and the friendships that are the bonuses of travel nursing. I am a true traveler—I don’t own a home, I don’t own furniture.” Hearin said she likes the feeling of freedom that being a traveler affords her. “I don’t have the routine everyday responsibilities that I would have if I were living in a permanent home,” she said. “I always feel like I’m on vacation.” As a labor and delivery nurse, she also enjoys working in a variety of professional situations and collecting lifelong friends along the way. “I’ve never had a bad assignment,” Hearin declared. “I’ve always been accepted so easily and have never felt like a stranger. When I walk into any hospital, give me a couple of days, show me where some things are and I’m ready to work. It’s a plus that as a temporary employee I don’t get caught up in the politics of the unit. I’m just passing through and helping out. But, I do bond with my co-workers and fellow travelers and cry at the end of every assignment when I have to say goodbye.” Not that she says goodbye forever. She and other travelers have formed what she calls a “Secret Gypsy Society” and follow one another around on assignments. One will call two others to say, “I’m working in a great place, come join me.” As a single mother of four children, now adults, Hearin, 55, worked in traditional labor and delivery jobs until the last of her children went to college. “When he left home, so did I,” she said with a laugh. “My kids often visit me when I’m on assignment. In fact, they help me choose my assignments. Through the years, I’ve had two a Read Less

  • Variety of Locations, Activities and Professional Growth Appeal to this Traveler

    When Rebecca Devine, RN, finished her 18-month obligation to the Philadelphia hospital that had provided her a nursing school scholarship, she was ready for an adventure. First, she spent four months exploring Costa Rica. Next, she signed on with travel nurse staffing company NursesRx and, in January 2008, began her first travel nursing assignment in Denver, Colorado. Read More

    “My parents always took me traveling when I was a child and I loved it,” stated Devine, who grew up in Ocean City, New Jersey. “Travel nursing is like being on a luxury road trip. Moving from my assignment in Denver to my new assignment in San Diego, I drove through the Canyonlands in Utah. I’d never been out West, so it was a completely new experience. As a travel nurse, I get to see things I’d never have seen as a staff nurse working in just one hospital.” "I do something here every day because I want to experience all these new things-like going pumpkin picking today," Devine said. "I still hope to go to Hawaii, Alaska, and eventually, New Zealand as a travel nurse." Devine has nothing but rave reviews for travel nursing, not just for the adventure, but also for the wide variety of work experiences it offers. "Travel nursing has made me more adaptable, confident and competent. Each hospital has a different protocol, so I learn new ways of dealing with problems. Plus, at each hospital I've worked in a different area of nursing. In Denver, I worked in neurology, orthopedics, and trauma; in San Diego, oncology," Devine explained. "And, now, I'm a med-surg float. I wouldn't have learned all I have if I had just stayed in Jersey working in neurology." "Probably the hardest part of being a travel nurse is starting in a new hospital, because you only have one day to orient to the floor. Even so, I've found that the staff nurses are usually very helpful. I particularly like my current assignment at Virginia Mason Medical Center, because it is a teaching hospital and they are accustomed to people asking lots of questions. They are also really appreciative of the travel nurses and our easing the short-staffing situations." Devine is enjoying living in Seattle and working at Virginia Mason so much, in fact, that she just extended her assignment from 12 to 19 weeks. Following her stint in Seattle, Devine’s n Read Less

  • Love of Family, Career and Adventure Drive Pediatric Travel Nurse

     Even before graduating from nursing school in 2009, Sharon Victoria-Cain, RN, knew she wanted to be a travel nurse.  Read More

    The vivacious pediatric nurse went to work for a local children’s hospital in Louisiana immediately upon graduating in order to get the clinical experience needed to embark on a travel career. As fate would have it, the hospital she was working at shut down in 2013, and it pushed her to take the next step and sign up with leading travel nurse staffing agency, NursesRx, an AMN Healthcare company. After connecting with recruiter Stacy Johnson, Victoria-Cain secured her first travel nursing contract in Torrance, Calif. It has been a great start to the career she had dreamed of, thanks in part to Johnson’s support. “I love my recruiter. Stacy is real. She is genuine. She’s always straightforward and she always answers my questions. She cares about me and not just me, but she cares about my family and my husband.” In fact, the chance to travel and share this experience with her husband, whom she refers to as her best friend, has made her travel nursing adventure especially rewarding. “We wanted to come out to California because my husband had lived in San Diego a number of years ago and had a child who was born and raised here in California,” she said. “Every other year we would come out to visit her and it had been several years since we had been here. This is a place we have always loved and we thought it would be a great place for my first assignment.” Her assignment started this past November and will soon come to a close, but Victoria-Cain already has another contract lined up beginning in March in San Antonio, Texas. “The hospital was not what I was used to but it was a great starter for a Read Less

  • RN Travel Nurse Adventure: Best Friends Out West

    Childhood friends and RN duo leave the nest and head across the country for adventure.   Read More

    New to the RN travel nurse world, Annie McCoy RN, BSN, and Liz Demedal, RN, BSN, grew up in the same small, Western Pennsylvania town and have been friends since the third grade. They both studied nursing, but at different colleges. So when McCoy got the itch to go on an RN travel nurse adventure, she persuaded Demedal to come with her. “I was ready for something new. I’d always worked in the same hospital and I thought travel nursing would be a great way to travel and see the West Coast and to have new experiences and a fresh start,” remarked McCoy. “We laugh now about when we first talked about it and what a crazy idea it was to move across the country.” “But we thought, ‘Why not? What do we have to lose? Let’s just do it while we’re still young!’” she added. So they applied and started working with a NursesRx travel nurse recruiter. Start your own RN travel nurse application>> “I was needing a change, but honestly freaked out a little when our recruiter told us we had our first job in Tucson,” Demedal reflected. “I wasn’t sure I’d made the right decision to leave.  I’d never been on my own and it was a huge across-the-country move. I wouldn’t be able to just call my dad when my car broke down.” “But now that I’m doing it, I’m loving traveling and having the time of my life,” she continued. “We just started traveling in February, but have met a lot of great people—both nurses and [people] outside of nursing.  I feel like I’ve grown as a nurse, which is awesome.” During their Tucson assignment, McCoy and Demedal visited Sedona, Arizona, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. They also went tubing on the Salt River in Phoenix.  < Read Less

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